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Text Box:           Treatment plans are the methods that are outlined in a report that follows a full clinical assessment.  The “plan” is a point of reference whereby consumers of mental health services and providers of mental health services work to address the problems that indicate the need for therapy.  The treatment plan is usually customized according to several key areas:

The overall clinical assessment
The mental illness diagnosis
The severity of the illness
The reasons that the consumer sought services
The number of sessions needed (and if they will change) to meet the treatment goals

     Not all providers prepare formal treatment plans.  The cost of such reports can be relatively high (ranging from $250 to $1,500 or more).  You can request that a written assessment and treatment plan be provided.  Such documents can be useful, particularly with more severe cases where multiple treatment providers will work together , and in cases where there may be legal reasons to record the assessment and treatment methods.  Lastly, it is helpful for a written assessment and treatment plan to be completed, because consumers of mental health services may want to know what kinds of methods are being utilized to assist them in treating their particular problem.  Such an awareness is not only a good idea, but in Florida, it is your legal right.

For more information, please see the published “Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment” article.

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