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Text Box: It’s not uncommon for parents who are considering counseling for their children to have many questions.  In fact, asking the questions is a good idea; you should know what you’re getting your child into and you should have enough information to make an informed decision.  Listed below are several “common concerns” that are expressed by parents/guardians and some “other thoughts” that might be helpful in your decision.

If you have been notified by your child’s school that mental health counseling is needed, you should contact school administrators (the Principal, Guidance Office, or a School Board member) and ask if the school district offers mental health counseling services.  If your child has been identified as an ESE student and there is an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), the IEP might specify counseling services.  If the school does not offer such services, and it is in the IEP, the district can contract for mental health counseling services.  Currently, LaRose and the school counseling services program is contracted in three Florida Counties.  If services are provided by LaRose (or a program designee) at your specific school, and you want your child to be seen your permission is needed—CLICK HEREA referral form from the school must also be submitted (see your guidance counselor).  If you are a school administrator in need of more information about setting up school counseling services in your district, contact us, anytime.

Most children who go to a school counselor will not be diagnosed with any kind of mental disorder.  Still, children face problems that require the help of a trained professional.


Confidentiality is protected by state law and it ensures that only authorized people will know about counseling.  Other people will not know unless you tell someone.


Problems exist in every family; most need some kind of help in solving them.


This is often very true.  Counseling will help your child learn out how to solve many problems.


Parenting is not always the problem.  Children have struggles at home, but they can also have struggles in school.


It is the intention of the school to help your child be successful in the classroom.  Referrals to counseling are about solving problems that appear at school.


Counseling will be provided during the school year, and only as long as you believe it is necessary.  If your child does not want to participate in counseling, it will not be required – counseling really is your (and your child’s) choice.

Text Box: □ People will think my child is “crazy.” 

□ Everyone will make fun of my child 

□ Our problems are no else’s business. 

□ We can solve our own problems. 

□ I must be a bad parent if my kid needs counseling. 

□ Anyone who thinks my child needs counseling, must have a problem themselves.  

□ Once you start counseling, you never stop.



Text Box: Hopefully many of your concerns have been addressed, but if not, please call the school and ask them to have the counselor contact you.  Please be aware that counseling is only offered a certain time each week and that space is limited.  If you want your child to be seen, please return the permission slip and have the school submit the referral form as quickly as possible.

My hope is that counseling will assist your child in many areas: in academics, in behavior, and in social skills.  Feel free to contact me at any time.

Kurt LaRose, MSW LCSW
Counselor & Therapist

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Things to consider when school has recommended counseling for your child.


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