Relationship Counseling DC

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Relationship Counseling DC


By: Kurt LaRose MSW LCSW CHT and LICSW


A few words about treating relationships and additional information to the video discussing

Relationship Counseling DC ...


Being together can be cool. But, not all relationships are equal, nor do they all work the same way. Relationships are variable. Some people are married, some are monogamous, some are straight, some are LGBTQ, some are polyamorous, some live together, some apart, some in the same town and some are long distance. Many relationships started online and many only occur in online interactions.



NOTE: If you are in a relationship where you are a batterer or a victim of battering you should be seen individually to discuss in private safety risks for you and your partner. Couples counseling MAY be an option for batterers and victims, but this would need to be assessed individually before doing so.


Video: Relationship Counseling DC

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