Common questions about mental health.

Common FAQ’s about counseling [published].

What to know when working with counselors.

When to seek emergency help.


Ask a professional questions—FREE.

Fill out everything you need—online now.

Bio: academic & professional. (see also resume/vita)

Published rates for Clients & Professionals (general info)

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Most expect mental illness—is everyone sick?

When second opinions are a good idea.

How long you might expect the process to take.

Counseling is not a simple process.  Here’s why.

Accurate assessment = accurate diagnosis [published].

Best guess or good tests?


Many children diagnosed: too many, too fast?

Hospital care and PTSD [presentation slides]

Cognitive/Behavioral Treatment in groups.


Benefits and disadvantages of diagnosis.

Insurance billing and mental illness diagnoses.

Not Otherwise Specified—general definition.

Every counselor should have it—ask to see it.

Law about diagnosis and treatment information.


Considering all variables—nature and nurture.

Methods to treat mental illness.

Life: sex, meds, abuse, drugs, family & not God?

Various Approaches—fun and effective.


Common disorders, symptoms & rule outs.

Symptoms (continued).

It’s not diagnosed but “something is wrong.”


Literature review & addiction comparison.

Survey Research related to “sex addiction”

Sex Addiction-Slide Show [presentation]


A Prototypical Group—How treatment occurs.

Summary & References

Appendix A & B (Group dynamics & roles)

Appendix B (Member roles)

Appendix C (Orientation Highlights)


A list of professionals, titles & definitions.

Before medicine & diagnosis there’s a person.

Sick or Well?  Many things impact a life.

Medication & mental illness information.


Conflicts: Avoid or Confront? [published].

Stress: Tools for lowering stress [published]

Expectations & Reality—it matters [published]

When Saying Too Much—Matters [published]

NASW Press Specialty Practice Sections [published]


School Counseling (SC) program explanation.

SC continued: children, teachers, administrators.

SC Services Program Proposal & Protocol

Common concerns & other thoughts.

Parental consent for counseling services.

Complete Form Online—Now

School Note/Contract: child, parent, teacher

Record of Positive / Negative Behaviors in class

Professional Development In-Services

Program Implementation Services for Schools

A links page to SC #1 and SC #2 pages (across years)

80% - 90% Program Efficacy in All Areas

Full PDF Report

80% - 90% Duplicated Efficacy in All Areas

Raw Data PDF Charts & Graphs Only


Programs & Brochures to Improve Your Practice

Assess, educate, & treat dynamically in 1-hour


Rural Counseling program implementation analysis.

Dollar values & service delivery graphs.

Final summary & outcome highlights.

Terms of the services provided are explained.

Primary Care Center in Rural Community [presentation].


Abstract, Introduction, Rationale & Problem.

History, Present Circumstances & Foster Care.

Adoption and Family Preservation.

Shared Family Care & Family Drug Courts.

Quality Control, Follow-up & Academics.

Denying Services, Bureaucracy, Education.

Rationale, Format, Outline, Criteria & Outcome.

Presentation Results & System Implications.

The Adult Welfare Model— Diagrammed.

The Five Part Model Briefly Described.

Power Point of the Presentation.

Setting up a Presentation in Your Area.

Survey Research References.

Survey Research References Continued.


Talking Points Memo & Child Welfare Change.

Report: Florida Trials, Convictions, Pleas, Costs.

Report Continues

Changing FL Law [presentation]

FL Law: Research References

FL Law: Research References Continued


Sources used to generate helpful website information.

Website sources continued.

Use of research & credible research sources.

Website development credit & disclosures.

Site material, topics of debate, & endorsements


Counseling website topics and links (this page).

Default to incomplete pages and future topics.



December 7, 1962 ~ February 26, 2006

The Obituary (she died waiting on a transplant)

The News Story That Reveals Miracles

The Obituary (he died donating organs)

A Memory Log—one day– to Brett









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What if Nothing is Wrong?

Getting a Second Opinion

Time Frame for Counseling

Complexities Explained

Assessment Instruments

Practice Wisdom-Psychometrics


Kids & Mental Illness

Children, PTSD, Chronic Care

Treating Children with PTSD


Diagnosis: Pros & Cons

Insurance & Diagnosis

Diagnosis & NOS

Written Treatment Plan

Your Legal Rights & Diagnosis


Counseling Complexities & PIE?

Therapy Methods

Treatment & Spirituality

Art & Music in Mental Health?


Mental Disorders & Symptoms

Symptoms (Continued)

Uncommon Disorders


Sexual Addiction?

Sexual Addiction References

Sex Addiction Slide Show


Male Batterers & Intervention

Male Batterers—Continued

Male Batterers Appendix - 1

Male Batterers Appendix - 2

Male Batterers Appendix - 3


Who Should I See?

Why A Clinical Social Worker?


Do I Need Medication?


Resolving Conflict

Stress Reduction

Career Satisfaction

Ooops!  I’ve Said Too Much!

Alternative Approached to MH


School Counseling (SC) 101-A

School Counseling (SC) 101-B

SC Proposal & Protocol

Send My Child to a Counselor?

School Counseling—Permission

School Online Permission

School Notes

Behavior Record

In-Services & Onsite Training

School Consultation Service

SC Outcomes Introduction

SC (#1) Evaluation & Outcomes

SC#1 Year Four Outcomes

SC (#2) Evaluation & Outcomes

SC#2 Year Three Outcome Data


For Mental Health Professionals

Three Tools For Therapists


Health Care Services Analysis

Rural Data Summary (continued)

Rural Data Summary (continued)

Service Provisions Defined

Slide Show of Implementation


Child Welfare: Changes Needed

Child Welfare: Literature Review

Child Welfare: Lit Review (cont.)

Child Welfare: Areas of Promise

Child Welfare: Other Factors

Child Welfare: Systemic Factors

“Adult Welfare” Presentation

Results, Implications, Summary

Adult Welfare—the Model

The 5 Phases of the Model

Slide Show: The Presentation

Report & Presentation Requests

Child Welfare: References

Child Welfare: References Cont.


Changing Florida Law

Changing FL Law: High Impact

Changing FL Law—Continues

Changing FL Power Point

Change Florida Law References

FL Law References Continued


Web References & Other Links

Web References (continued)

Refereed Literature

Website Design & Disclaimer

Controversy in use of Research


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To My Sister Lisa

Lisa Kay LaRose

Hoping For A Transplant

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Just a day at the beach for Brett









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