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Text Box: Website Development & Disclosures

   All of the information posted on this website was researched, investigated, and acquired by Kurt LaRose—some of which was accumulated over several years.  Opinions expressed are believed to be current and valid at the time the data was published and posted to the internet.  LaRose acknowledges that various topics identified on this site might be of a controversial nature, and agrees that research does not avoid or resolve such controversy.  The controversial nature of research is further discussed and addressed in more detail here (read more at References & Other Links or at Refereed Literature).     

   The purpose of this website is to provide users with mental health information, to provide a brief and thorough overview of mental health and mental illness, and to promote counseling services provided by LaRose.  A large portion of the website is dedicated to other areas of social concern, which includes survey research completed by LaRose.  All pages are listed, indexed and summarized on the Site Map & Index page.  LaRose is licensed in the State of Florida as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and as such, practices in the state as a mental health professional. 

   State licensure is not an endorsement of a certain mental health professional, rather licensure serves as a minimal qualification to legally practice mental health counseling within the state.  Licensure means the practitioner is licensed to practice after completing graduate school requirements, and after completing Intern Supervision working under a qualified licensed professional (for a specified period).  Upon the completion of a set number of supervised hours, an intern is qualified for board examination, and licensure.  LaRose has completed all aspects for Graduate School, National Examination, Intern Supervision, and the LCSW (see a complete LaRose Resume/Vitae here).

   A disadvantage to seeing an intern level professional is that they are likely new to the profession in which they practice.  If the intern is not new to their profession, it is still safe to assume that the professional recently started pursuing state licensure. 

   An advantage to seeing an LCSW practitioner, is that the perspective is based upon Person In Environment, and the social technology from the profession is based upon the current licensing standards, continuing education credits and published information.  Additionally, because state licensure for interns require supervision, aspects of clinical concern can be addressed with the assistance of a qualified licensure supervisor.

    Users of this website are encouraged to view the Site Map & Index to obtain information of interest.  If any of the information contained on the website is unclear, or if you have questions or comments related to any materials that are posted on the website, please contact LaRose directly at Kurt@TalkifUwant.com.

   Decisions to see a mental health professional are highly personal and should be made based on multiple considerations—not solely on promotional materials, even if the promotional materials are presented in a format that is highly credible and professional in terms of appearance and terminology.  Promotional materials should be assumed as introductory—and they cannot substitute face to face consultation. 

   LaRose completed the layout, design, graphic animations, text composition, and internet uploading for all of the pages on this website.  Several of the photographs are originals taken by LaRose.  He is responsible for website content and assumes responsibility for all opinions expressed.  All of the data related graphs, specific labeled photographs, and the labeled graphics were created and designed by LaRose, using various computer software applications; they are protected under copyright laws.  All other graphic images and photos were obtained from the public domain, and/or are apart of purchased graphic software.  The images do not represent any known (or unknown) likenesses of actual clients who have been treated by LaRose. 

   If you are concerned about your safety or the safety of another human being, you are urged to immediately contact an emergency services department (by dialing 911 or 211 in the Big Bend area).  You can always drive to the nearest emergency room hospital.


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