Some providers offer a free consult; you should contact the provider beforehand if you are seeking a free consultation to determine if these types of sessions are an option.  You will want to find out what format the free consult is offered (if it is face to face, video, chat or telephone for example) and to find out  how long they last (30 minutes, 50 minutes, or an actual hour). It helps as well to know if the provider offers a 24 hour accessible client portal for communications between sessions, secure (HIPAA compliant) emailing, journaling and reviewing shared file information from your sessions, as well as if they offer self scheduling of appointments; these options can increase the treatment effects, often improving outcomes, and in many cases shorten the length of time in therapy!


Other questions to consider in a consultation: is there more than one treatment option, does the consult include some interventions to help immediately, will a treatment plan be created and is the treatment plan discussed at some point (and can it be viewed and agreed to online), what if something serious is going on will assessments be suggested and are referrals for other experts an option?


Please, read on …. 


Your initial consultation (whether video/chat/telephone or office options are utilized and available—depending on your residency status in DC or in Florida) now includes full services with all self pay options.  Besides traditional in office therapy services the practice has added concierge services and package options for discounted fees!  Hypnosis options are available as well. The client portal is accessible 24 hours a day for communications in between sessions too! 


In your initial session, LaRose will review all of the digital information you provide when you schedule online using the HIPAA compliant digital server; the initial session will cover a wealth of information about therapy services, legal considerations, billing, and it will focus intently on why you are seeking help, what strengths you have, and how to move to independence (in the absence of help). 


Suggestions about ways to improve and live a better, healthier life will be a key, along with a written and comprehensive treatment plan to do so (generated electronically, in the server, and available for your review and approval at a follow-up session).  Whether you choose concierge services, hypnosis or traditional sessions you’ll start getting better here—sooner!  Besides, since you control the scheduling, you’re not going to feel pressured to be seen—meaning you’ll likely spend less time and money in therapy —and more time and money in your life! 


Unique to this practice is the client side access to the entire practice —- digitally available to you 24 hours a day!  Services offered in the secure server (24 hour secure journaling, video and chat sessions, secure emailing, sharing files, scheduling and canceling appointments, reminders, billing and payments, and the like) are also discussed in the initial consult. You’ll have full online access to the practice digitally—24 hours a day–beginning now if you wish


The initial session  includes assessment, diagnosis (if applicable), treatment planning, and a recommendation of where to begin.  Treatment options, from the concierge model, to Rapid Resolution and Clinical Hypnosis, to traditional talk therapy in the office, all will be discussed, according to your preferences (selected as you set up your appointment online and based on availability and your residency). 


If you have questions or concerns about mental health and ways to get better and you simply would like to ask a professional some questions take a few moments to utilize an initial consultation, which may help you decide what is best.  The initial consultation lasts one full hour (sometimes going a bit over due to so much going on at the first session) allowing you to get to know the practice, the approach, and the treatment ideas that may help (or if treatment is needed at all).  Here’s more as you consider mental health services.  You can schedule 24/7, right here!


For Providers Wishing to Join the Online Practice Business Model …..


For providers of mental health and interns seeking licensure supervision, you’ll be able to choose these options when scheduling as well!  You are encouraged to call first to talk about how to use the server if you are not becoming a client to the practice.


   For a complete list of prices, fees, and other services, please see the “Prices & Fees” page.  If financial limitations exist, and you still would like to speak to a mental health professional, the free consultation above is valid—regardless.

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