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     The use of references on this website is not meant to endorse or support a publisher (whether public or private) from which the source material was obtained.  No matter what reference or research source is used there is usually (and often) an opposing viewpoint, that likely can be supported with opposing research.  Some of the best articles are actually those willing to point out “implications” and areas of “further research” (nearly all of the mental health articles found on this website include such discussions).

     Likewise, many of the references used on this website are from sources that some call “conservative” and others call “liberal” (a well informed consumer often benefits when multiple sides of any topic are openly discussed).  All of the journal article references found here come from peer reviewed and refereed sources (meaning it’s not just the opinion of LaRose, but the opinion is generally supported in the scrutinized literature).  Just as can be accomplished with research to support or refute various position statements, the liberal and conservative positions are ones that can be argued—and the same will be true about anything you read here

     The publisher of this website makes no effort to deny and/or defend any of the sources used herein as endorsements, supportive in nature, to promote some kind of an agenda.  Rather, the publisher restates that such endorsements, supports, or platforms are not a factor in the use of the information provided on the site, and further the publisher states that such use would be of little to no consequence in relationship to the material published on the site.  The publisher of this website does not intend for the site contents to be debated and argued, especially if/when the intention is to sway some opinion expressed herein.  Instead, the goal of the website is to use sources to support and/or refute matters involving mental health, treatment, interventions, and outcomes. 

   The reality is that references used throughout the site are related to the contents of their specific information and the credibility of their findings—on an article by article, or study by study basis—not based upon some institutional, or platform focused representation.  The more you know, the better prepared you will be in deciding what to do next….

     The primary goal of the contents of this website is to assist users in becoming better informed as consumers of mental health services (see “Thinking About Therapy?” And “How Do I Know if My Therapist is Any Good?”) so that purchased services are “curative” in nature—that is—so that the services you obtain will actually help. 

   If you find some component of the site bothersome, offensive, or troubling in some manner, be sure to visit the “Site Map & Index” section to obtain a complete overview of other related material published here.  And you can feel free to contact the publisher of the site for more information as well.

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