A concierge service model is currently being developed for clients as a modern approach to intervention, and as an alternative to traditional mental health services.  Concierge service includes options for different personalized, selective, and even customized services with your specific requests as a design element.  You may choose a more affordable “coop and concierge light” option, a more luxurious “tru-concierge” option, a “one time concierge use” option, and lastly, for those dedicated to continued use of more frequent sessions, as in traditional mental health counseling options, session package discounts are available.  This last option will be useful for those who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and when more long term therapy is needed.  The 24 hour full service client portal remains available to all clients, for video, chat, telephone sessions, and for online journaling, file sharing and secure emailing—where you can reach out to the client side practice tools and features-24 hours a day!  Now, you can choose what is most suited to your situation based on your needs.  For more specific information, each option is explained a bit more here.


Coop Concierge Light Options:  Cooping is what you might call, “concierge light”.  Clients will have options to request an annual (or monthly) package of sessions, prepaid, with a minimum number promised in a given period of time.  This option will be similar to traditional in office treatment (except you will be able to use all of the online options—24 hour journaling, video, phone and chat sessions—which most insurers will not cover but are now included in self pay).  This is a self pay package, structured by your time preferences, and it is very much rooted in traditional talk therapy services.  The package allows for a maximum number of sessions, with a use it or lose it time frame (of all the concierge services, it is the most affordable option).  The coop based option will primarily use a problem solving approach, and it is most suited to cost considerations and/or traditional mental illness and diagnostically centered talk/counseling (therapy).  Session packages are bought in increments of 7, up to a total of 28 in any given year.  Time periods for use of the sessions is shorter, according to the few number you select.


Tru-Concierge Options: Clients may instead elect a specialty service, such as having a mental health professional on location (in the office, in the home, while exercising, at the park, in a coffee shop or a diner - and the like).  Here the provider will work with clients in real life settings, with real time events—using tools that can be implemented in actual settings where clients live, work and play.  Services will including physical activation suggestions and enjoyment of nutrition options, that can be coordinated onsite with nutritionists and personal trainers (if so desired by the client). More creative options will be included:  equine/pet based activities and outdoor type activity session events (camp, canoe, bike, hike) .

The concierge model can be arranged in conjunction with meeting that involve your MD, your personal trainer, your nutritionist, dentist, massage therapist, or any other professional for that matter, if they will agree to it.  And if the other professionals will not agree, and you still want your concierge to be included, the concierge will reach out to other professionals in the community—on your behalf—who will support your request to involve the concierge support provider! Other more specialized services are included too: rapid resolution and clinical hypnosis techniques can be set up in less structured or more structured time frames (including repeat options if you think they are needed).  CHT can be more intensive (set up at full days even or with your group too). These can more narrow and targeted to singular concerns (such as 1—2 hours).  Other services, that have long been offered at the practice but seldom used (as most insurers still won’t cover them) are now 100% yours to use: video sessions/meetings for remote access when traveling, chatting session options for those late night times, and other more custom and personalized services—journal reviews and synchrounous and asynchronous discussions at different times. Life coaching types of support will be increasingly the norm too!


Tru-Concierge packages can include one or all of the above—according to your interests and needs! 


One-Time Use Concierge: Users of this type of service are seeking 1.5 to 2 hour meetings and are confident that what they are working on can be resolved in a single (or in as few as 3) sessions.  Depending on the request, all tru-concierge options may be an option here (except where time and area of concern prevents it).  Users simply choose this option on occasion with little or no planning involved.  It can be situational, crisis based, or again specific to one thing and one session.


Most of the concierge model services (except the traditional self pay option, namely*) will move from the mental illness, medical diagnosis model, away from third party payor treatment limitations and requirements, shifting to a healthy psychology, healthy brain, healthy lifestyle, alternative approach to living well, living happy, and living simply. 


Concierge Summary: Concierge Services are being offered while using your ideas, working with a professional rooted in a working knowledge base, encouraging you to move to a life satisfaction based approach.  The services are brought to you by a seasoned licensed mental health, behavioral health, cognitively trained professional - in practice since 2005 with an extensive array of client exposure with literally hundreds, if not thousands, of cases.


Added Confidentiality: All concierge services are self pay, such that there is no risk that information about your healthcare access will be generated in a national healthcare database (which your insurance company may do as a part of your agreement with them).


With concierge services, your mental and behavioral health professional will no longer have to make you sick, in order to make you better!  You will control what happens in your life, by having control in how you structure getting better!   My job? To treat you with direct, open, honest care – and to simply help!


Traditional Self Pay Therapy: You’ll have sessions in the office (in DC) or online (in FL and DC), and sessions will be structured based upon your presenting problems (individual or couples), a diagnosis will be made, a treatment plan set up, and a recommended number of sessions will be determined.  People who choose this option, will usually have more serious or long term mental health scenarios. 


So regardless of your situation—you now have choices!


 You can schedule 24/7, right here!

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   For a complete list of prices, fees, and other services, as they are updated, please see the “Prices & Fees” page.  As you schedule a consultation in the secure server, please feel free to mention your interest in the concierge options, or Clinical Hypnosis (Florida Residents Only) and schedule your first session. You’ll request the “concierge service” option in the secure digital server—and we’ll get started putting together what you think will work best for you—based upon all of your options!

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